Explore Moscow and St. Petersburg the smart way!

Top 7 Money tips when visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg

    Frugal Travel Hacks:

  1. The best way to finance your trip is to receive a credit card sign-up bonus and use it to pay for your flight and/or hotels.
  2. Never exchange money at the airport. They have the highest exchange rates.
  3. Credit cards are used in many hotels and restaurants. However, many museums and train stations take cash only.
  4. If you are using credit cards, make sure to use the one that do not charge extra fee for exchange on your purchases.
  5. Take down your credit card's emergency number. If you loose your credit card, call them immediately.
  6. Make sure that the cash bills that you take with you for exchange are in crisp condition. Exchange services will refuse your cash if it is torn or worn out.
  7. Tips are not mandatory. Never tip taxi drivers, hair dressers. You may tip waiter, but no more than 10%

Top 10 Moscow and St. Petersburg's attractions

    Frugal Travel Attraction Picks:

  1. Kremlin and Red Square, Moscow - Immense, fortified compound of churches & palaces, with museums of Russian state regalia & art.
  2. Lenin's Mausoleum, Moscow - Pyramid-shaped stone building, opened in 1930, with a memorial hall holding Lenin's sarcophagus.
  3. Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow - Lavish neoclassical repertory theater housing Russia's world-famous Bolshoi Ballet & Bolshoi Opera
  4. Armory Chamber, Moscow - Armory museum in a Kremlin-style building with exhibits ranging from weapons to jewelery.
  5. State Historical Museum, Moscow - Imposing neo-Russian building of 1881, displaying prehistoric relics, Romanov dynasty art & more.
  6. Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Moscow - Gleaming domes top this Catholic edifice, rebuilt in the 1990s, with ornate, fresco-lined interior.
  7. State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg - Museum founded by Catherine the Great, housing huge collections of art, culture & antiquities.
  8. Peterhof, Saint Petersburg - Seafront museum complex in former royal palace surrounded by parkland known for its many fountains.
  9. Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg - Colonnaded, waterfront, former residence of Russian emperors, with extravagant state rooms.
  10. Savior on the Spilled Blood, Saint Petersburg - Gleaming mosaics & marble line this richly decorated 1880s church topped with colorful onion domes