Top 5 Travel Hacks to Save Lots Of Money

Use these tips to pay less or even nothing for travel.

    Top 5 Frugal Travel Hacks:

  1. The best way to finance your trip is to receive a credit card sign-up bonus and use it to pay for your flight and/or hotels.

  2. Get bonus for using link below! Do not stay at hotels, instead stay at AirBNB. You will get a more personalized experience for less money. Create a new account for every stay by using the link below and get $55 gift every time you register for new account.

  3. Get bonus for using link below! Setup Rakuten Cash Back Account. You will get cashback for any purchases from affiliate sites as long as you access them through Rakuten. As an example, Rakuten is affiliates with Expedia and

  4. Get bonus for using link below! If possible, drive to your destination instead of flying. Also, if you need to park a car in a busy city, use the SpotHero app to reserve a spot in a best location, at a best price. To register for SpotHero use the link below and receive $7 gift. But make sure to do it from the phone app to get the $7.

  5. If you do have to flight, then use Google's ITA Matrix to find the best deal. It is the best secret tool to look for the cheapest flight combination.